Monday, 14 September 2015

  • 10:00 Practice Day

    Location:“Floriansdorf Aachen”
    52074 Aachen
    50.788812°N, 6.046862°E

  • 16:30 End of Practice Day

  • 19:00 Registration

    Location:RWTH SuperC
    Templergraben 57
    52062 Aachen

  • 20:00 End of Registration

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Location:RWTH SuperC
Templergraben 57
52062 Aachen
  • 08.00

  • 09.00
    Opening Address

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Moormann, RWTH Aachen, Conference Chairman
    Dr. Margrethe Schmeer, Mayor of Aachen
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ernst Schmachtenberg, Rector of RWTH Aachen University

  • 09:30
    Drones in our Airspace – Pilots Views on Integration
    Capt. Thomas Mildenberger, UAS Expert, German Air Pilots’ Association
    (Vereinigung Cockpit e.V.)

  • 10.00 Coffee Break



Sessions with the indicator
"A" and "B"
Sessions with the indicator
Super C, Ford/Generali-HallSportpark Kohlscheid
Templergraben 57Kaiserstraße 96
52062 Aachen52134 Herzogenrath


Session 1 A - Scientific Flight Mechanics and Transition

  • 10.30

    Design and control of an unmanned aerial vehicle for autonomous parcel delivery with transition from vertical take-off to forward flight
    Bart Theys, KU Leuven, Belgium

    Wind Tunnel Investigation of Stationary Straight-Lined Flight of Tiltwings Considering Vertical Airspeeds
    Carsten Meyer, RWTH Aachen, Germany

    Passively stable flapping flight from hover to fast forward through shift in wing position
    Andries Koopmans, TU Delft, The Netherlands

  • 12.00 Lunch 

Session 2A - Scientific Navigation and Control

  • 13:00

    Demonstration of automatic cooperative synchronization of heterogeneous systems by landing a small scale aircraft on a moving ground vehicle 
    Stefan Rofalski, RWTH Aachen, Germany

    Improvement of the GNSS Solution for Advanced RPAS Applications Utilizing PPP, RTK or Sensor Integration
    Markus Dorn, TU Graz, Austria

    Navigation of micro air vehicles with inconsistent GPS guidance and online path planning
    Cui Jinqiang, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Session 2B - Technical Propulsion
(parallel session to 2A)

  • 13:00

    Sawtooth Trailing Edge Propeller's Noise Reduction for Multi-Rotor UAV Applications
    Chinnapat Thipyopas, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

    Efficient BLDC controller for critical UAV applications
    Pavel Kirienko, Zubax Robotics, Stupino, Russia

  • 14:30 Coffee

Session 3A - Scientific Flapping Wing Mechanics

  • 14:45

    Experimental Studies of an Inertial-Elastic Rotating Wing Model in Air and Vacuum
    Mark Jankauski, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

    Design and Aerodynamic Measurements of Bio-inspired Flexile Wing for Flapping Wing MAV
    Van Tien Truong, National University of Singapore, Singapore

    Force generation and wing deformation characteristics of the 'DelFly II' MAV in hovering flight conditions
    Mustafa Percin, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Session 3B - Technical Simulation and Evaluation
(parallel session to 3A)

  • 14:45

    Towards Autonomous MAV Soaring in Cities: CFD Simulation, EFD Measurement and Flight Trials
    Mohamed Abdulghani, RMIT University, Bundoora, Australia

    An Evaluation of Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aircraft as Flying Wind Sensors
    Mohamed Abdulghani, RMIT University, Bundoora, Australia

    Quadrotor UAV aerodynamic model identification using indoor flight experiment and feasibility of UAV as wind gust sensor
    Laurent Planckaert; ONERA, Lille, France

  • 16:15 Coffee

Session 4A - Scientific Application

  • 16:30

    Self-Activated Movable Flaps on Low Aspect Ratio Wings at Low Reynolds Numbers

    Arivoli Durai, National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, India

    Real-time Onboard Map Stitching for UAV Surveillance in IMAV 2014
    Dong Xiangxu, National University of Singapore, Singapore

    Experimental Wind Field Estimation and Aircraft Identification
    Murat Bronz, ENAC, Toulouse, France

Session 4B - Technical Guidance and Conceptual Design
(parallel session to 4A)

  • 16:30

    Preliminary Design Estimation of the V/STOL Airplane Performance
    Murat Bronz, ENAC, Toulouse, France

    Development of Flight Control for Flapping Wing MAV
    Woei-leong Chan, University of Glasgow, Singapore

Poster Session: 16:30 - 18:00 / Location Super C

  1. Use of bird feather in Micro Air vehicle
    Rishabh Chourasia, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India

  2. LQG controller and Optimal Estimation-Kalman Filter Design applied for pitch Aircraft
    Labane Chrif, University of Saida, Algeria

  3. Piezoelectric Dragonfly MAV
    Rejish Lal Johnson, Hindustan University, Tamil Nadu, India

  4. Optimized method in sizing of Flapping Wing
    Mahdi Kaveh, Isfahan, Iran

  5. EMC+ Team Technical Paper
    Sasan Jahanagiripashaki, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

  6. Investigation of Multicopter Propellers Interference in View of Its Influence on Power Consumption
    Sergey Serokhvostov, MIPT DAFE, Zhukovsky, Russia

  7. Flight simulation of multirotor systems on MRS software
    Kamil Zaripov, MIPT DAFE, Zhukovsky, Russia
  • 18:00 Welcome Reception and Team Presentation

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

  • 09:00 Outdoor Competion

    Location: "Floriansdorf Aachen" Bus Transfer:08:30 From Stop
    Septfontainesweg "Technische Hochschule"
    52074 Aachen
    50.788812°N, 6.046862°E17:15 Return trip

  •  17:00 End of Outdoor Competition

Thursday, 17 September 2015

  • 09:00 Indoor Competition

    Location: Sportpark KohlscheidBus Transfer: 08:30 From Stop
    Kaiserstraße 96"Technische Hochschule"
    52134 Herzogenrath
    50.830602°N, 6.083033°E17:15 Return trip

  • 12:30 Lunch

Session 5C - Scientific Structure

  • 14:00

    Proposition of design method and optimization of multirotors composite structures
    Renaud Kiefer, INSA de Strasbourg, France

    An Inventory of Structural Changes to Modify the Dynamic Response of Lightweight Compliant FWMAV Designs
    Hugo Peters, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

    Resonant Cantilever Wings for Monolithic MAVs
    Matthew Minnick, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada
  • 15:30 Coffee

Session 6C - Scientific Autonomous Control

  • 15:45

    Integration of ANN and UAV for Aerial Inspection
    Luiz Flavio Felizardo, Itajubá Federal University, Brasil

    Optimal Linear Quadratic Consensus for High-Order Integral Dynamics: Quadrotors Formation Control Application
    Alireza Mohamadifard, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

  • 19:00 Conference Dinner

    Location:Soccer Arena "Tivoli"
    Clublounge 2
    Krefelder Strasse 205
    52070 Aachen
    50.793346°N, 6.096175°E

  • Dinnerspeaker

    Dr. Wolfgang Send, ANIPOP GbR, Göttingen, Germany

  • 23:00 End of Conference Dinner

Friday, 18 September 2015

Location:RWTH SuperC
Templergraben 57
52062 Aachen
  • 08:30 Coffee Reception

Session 7A - Scientific Sense and Avoid

  • 09:00

    LiDAR Sensor for Unmanned Air Systems: Detailed Evaluation Regarding Subsequent Simulation for Precise Near-Field Navigation
    Christian Eschmann, RWTH Aachen, Germany

    An Effective Method for Autonomous Localization and Navigation in Unknown Indoor Environment using MAV
    Swee King Phang, National University of Singapore, Singapore

    Field study of a 24 GHz FMCW radar system suitable todetect small-sized RPAS under 5 kg MTOW
    Charles Ben, RWTH Aachen, Germany

Session 7B - Technical Flapping Wing Dynamics
(parallel session to 7A)

  • 09:00

    Numerical Investigation on the Propulsive Performance of Biplane Counter-flapping Wings
    Shuanghou Deng, Delft, The Netherlands

    Transient Effect of the Canonical Pitch-Up Wing Maneuver
    Wee Beng Tay, University of Singapore, Singapore

  • 10:30 Coffee

Session 8A - Scientific Bioinspired Flight Mechanics

  • 10:45

    Performance Test of a Hovering Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle with Double Wing Clap-and-Fling Mechanism
    Quoc-Viet Nguyen, National University of Singapore, Singapore

    An Experimental Study on Effect of Wing Geometry of Hummingbird-like Flapping Wing in the Hover
    Yanghai Nan, Université de Bruxelles, Belgium

    Investigation on Tailless Control of a FlappingWing MAV
    Woei Leong Chan, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Session 8B - Technical Navigation Sensors
(parallel session to 8A)

  • 10:45

    6D SLAM MAV using a rotating LiDAR
    Markus Bobbe, TU Braunschweig, Germany

    Smile Targets in Aerial Photogrammetry
    Davide Cucci, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

    Twirre V2: Evolution of an architecture for automated mini-UAVs using interchangeable commodity components
    Jaap van de Loosdrecht, NHL University of Applied Science, Leuwarden, The Netherlands
  • 12:15 Lunch

Session 9A - Scientific Simulation and Control

  • 13:15

    Simulation Based Development of Micro Air Vehicles
    Thomas Linkugel, Universität Tübingen, Germany

    Lyapunov-Based Nonlinear Control and Real-Time Simulation of Quadrotors
    Hsuan Chang, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA

    Adaptive Control of Flapping-Wing Flying Robot
    Aneesh Chand, Toyota Technological Institute, Nagoya, Japan
  • 14:15 Award Ceremony
  • 16:00 End of IMAV 2015