Conference Report IMAV 2014

In 2014 the “International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition” took place in Delft, the Netherlands from 12th to 15th of August. It was organized by a committee of scientists of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). 248 visitors from different countries attended the IMAV 2014. The map of participating nations below underlines the international character.

Traditionally, the 4-day event consists of a theoretical and a practical phase.

The amount of the submitted papers for the academic part was notably high, so that only the excellent contributions were chosen for oral presentations. During the two conference days 38 papers have been presented by team members and international scientists.

The conference sessions were:

  • Autonomous flight using vision
  • Flapping wing design
  • Flapping wing control
  • Flight mechanics
  • Flapping wing aerodynamics
  • Modelling
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle control

plus an additional technical session

In the practical part 13 teams participated in a combined “indoor” and “outdoor” competition at the village Oostdorp with self-developed MAV. The numerous tasks were partly very ambitious.

Please follow the link below to the videos of the competition as well as of the presentations:

Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterIMAV 2014 Videos / Presentations

Results 2014

Prize Assessment Team
1st prize Onboard automatic image stitching, onboard number recognition (*), onboard autonomous laser-based room navigation, onboard computer vision based precision roof landing, autonomous takeoffs, autonomous landings (*), onboard computer vision based 7-segment digit recognition (*), autonomous flying WiFi-relay. National University of Singapore (Singapore) [683]
2nd prize Smallest MAV's of the competition. Very talented FPV flight with many take-off, precision landings, reading house numbers, visiting 18 indoor rooms (several double and not counted), recognizing 16 indoor objects correctly. Geocopter auto-take-off and flight, precision auto landing and partial high resolution ortophoto. Team Dipole (Germany) [425]
3rd prize Autonomous takeoff, Best overall photomission, all blockades visible, full village high resolution map at 6cm/pixel, autonomous computer vision based 7-segment display reading (**), longest correct observation string, autonomous roof landing (*), reading house numbers with many ARdrones in autonomous flight. Several autonomous landings. Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (France) [189]
4th prize Autonomous Photomission (*), Autonomous Flight Blockade detection, Autonomous take-offs, precision landing, Video-based indoor ARDrone flight with several rooms and objects but many crashes and many user interactions. High Flyers (Poland) [161]
5th prize Flying router-repeater quad (*), Auto-take-off, Partial photomap, 1 Blockade, Roof-Landing (*). IP-Camera house number reading (*), ARdrone roof landing.AUTMAV (Iran) [148]
6th prize Autonomous take-offs, Autonomous photomap (*), House number readings (*), Autonomous roof landing, 1 Blockade, Several manual landings. AKAMAV (Germany) [108]
7th prize Autonomous take-off, Photomission flown, minimal village map (*), 1 blockade, precision landing. Manchester (UK) [100]
8th prize FPV flight: Take-Off, Roof landing (*), Precision Landing, House number reading (OCR software), Visited 2 indoor Rooms, Roof landing. EMC+ (Iran) [79]
9th prize Automatic take-off, Roof landing (*), Photomission flown, map stitching error (*), automatic landing. MRL (Iran) [39]
10th prize Fixed-wing: Autonomous take-off, autonomous photomission, many manual flight interaction. ARIO (Iran) [20]
11th prize Autonomous take-off, autonomous transitioning to forward flight as fixed-wing, onboard camera (*/no mission information recorded). Special Achievement prize for their contribution to hybrid flight, their work on de-coupling controls. MAVerix (Germany) [12]
Shared 12th prize Autonomous Take-Off (*), Photomission (*), ...  CUAF (UK) [0]
Shared 12th prize New own design of autopilot: SmartAP. Video-based entering the house (*) MIPTeam (Russia) [0]
(*) Item attempted but either failed, or needed manual flight, or not according to competition rules.
(**) Item attempted in autonomous mission mode, but human intervention was needed and it got scored in autonomous flight mode.

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